Last day..

Yes, all good things come to an end… and my entire experience in China was more than good… It was incredible!

I’m currently at Dubai Airport waiting for a transfer flight to London.. And I have to say, it feels rather good to finally enjoy using Facebook and other webpages without without any restrictions… 🙂

I think I will miss China and all the crazy things about it. Their culture, their food, their strange/interesting habits.. the way they treat foreigners and the hard bargaining.. I even started to think that China might be a country where I would like to have my future career but time will tell.. 😉

They’ve just opened the boarding gates as well, so I’ll go and enjoy another eight hours-long flight… For all the amazing people that I met during the journey, it was a great pleasure!.. And for everyone else – I wish you to go to China! You will definitely be surprised by what you’ll find. 🙂

See you/talk to you soon!

All the best,
Me 🙂


All the crazy things…


Four weeks have passed and I didn’t managed to write a single post about my experience in China… this is just unforgivable! :/ And it was certainly not because I didn’t have what to write (on the contrary, there are pleeeenty of crazy stories) but I enjoyed my time way too much and I didn’t put many efforts in writing my stories down after a long day of sightseeing (or partying)… And all the photos that I’ve taken (hundreds of them!) kept me way behind as well… Hmm, that’s what you get when you are a perfectionist thinking about every single detail, trying to make it flawless, and then even better and better and… you get nothing. Well, most of the time…

ANYWAY… So, what happened during this time? 🙂

In brief, I went to the city centre of Shanghai, met new people, had fun, did some sightseeing, partying, degustating, went to Beijing, mew new people, met new people that I’d already met, did some climbing, running, eating, sightseeing, partying, temples’ visiting, money spending, came back to Shanghai, more partying, more new people met, had a good time, fell a little bit ill, had an even better time, came back to school and did some, hkchmm, serious teaching and… that’s pretty much it. 😀 And I’ll try to tell you some of it before I leave China (which is in 10 days!!! Ahhhh, I don’t want to leave!)…


Ok ok, one of the crazy things that happened was yesterday’s school trip to one of the Shanghai’s aquariums… you might think: “what crazy can be about a trip to an aquarium?”…
Well, let me tell you one thing – have you ever had sleepover at an aquarium?? While you can see actual sharks swimming above you?? 😀 It was pretty interesting from the beginning but I didn’t enjoy the part when we had to sleep on a stone-hard floor (with only a very thin travelling mattress), without any pillows (tried my shorts instead, didn’t really work)…

I did manage to fall asleep in the end, but felt slightly broken in the next morning… 🙂

And then we went to see a show, which I found pretty nice. (The amount of people that got the tickets (it was only 10am) was insane as well)

Hmm… well… I think that’s pretty much it for today…

And I’ll go to sleep now….

Oh wait, by the way… did I mention that…


Yep!! We currently have people from CNN in our summer camp and it looks like someone will be shown on TV!!! BOOM!! :))))

Not sure if they’ll interview me personally though…. but I was told that they want to record the entire lesson that I’m running… o.O (which is already prepared to every single detail). Should be awesome! 😉

And to answer the question why did they decide to come here: apparently, global IELTS had their IPO (initial public offering) some time this/last year. Which means that ordinary people can now purchase shares of this company/school… I found it a little bit strange but it looks like the school is making A LOT of money and they are rapidly expanding in China (2nd largest education company in China, 1st is New Oriental).

So, now it’s really time to go to bed… I have to look my best tomorrow haha.

Wish me luck!

And see you soon. 😉

Those Peculiar Things… #1, #2 and #3


Well, I’ve already experienced/noticed a few things that I found just a tiny little bit strange and different from what I’m used to… and so I thought I’d share them with you 🙂
Just to be very clear about it, it’s my own personal opinion, you may well disagree with it (maybe I’m the one who’s strange and not these things) and I have no intentions to insult Chinese people or make stereotypes about China 🙂

So, let’s start!

We went to a large supermarket and I decided to buy some small pies. I tried one and I found the taste a little bit funny… the expiry date answered all my questions: 2011-03-31. A good lesson to double check everything I buy (although it could probably happen anywhere around the world.. couldn’t it?).      🙂

A bicycle path: I think the reason why I found it so hilarious is pretty self explanatory 😀

And lastly, #3.
I captured it at the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum. They were showing some short videos of what to do during an earthquake… Somehow, I found the advice to “lie down on the floor in the middle of the room and hold a pillow over your head” extremely funny! Hmm.. or maybe it’s only me who knows nothing about what to do during an earthquake…

Well, I hope you enjoyed it! And I will be sharing some more things if I notice anything peculiar 😉

I’ve also had a chance to visit the city centre of Shanghai once again and I’ll be spending a few days there from tomorrow evening so there are still a huge number of stories that I want to share… I wish I had more time to do that!

P.S. Sadly, I will have to disappoint you.. I really wish that you can see a bicycle path marked in the photo #2, but it’s not: as I found out later, this is just the way how they mark the parking space for bicycles. But I hope you got a nice dose of Vitamin C! 😀

See ya!

Old Town Bazaar

In the next morning, we went to have breakfast in a small place which was very close to the hotel. And if I had to judge it by the way that restaurant looked, it definitely wouldn’t have been my first choice… BUT the Beef Noodles soup was really good and very filling! 🙂

Then we took a bus and went to the first attraction point: the Old Town Bazaar.

Shanghai Bazaar

The Old Town Bazaar in Shaghai

It is in one of the oldest parts of Shanghai, which was closed from foreigners for almost 400 years. And although the buildings aren’t 500 years old but they do represent the ancient traditional Chinese architecture, which creates a very nice atmosphere.

Probably one of the biggest mistakes that I’ve already made is not bringing any travel guide with me to China so I can’t really tell many things about beautiful places and things that I saw… But I’m fixing it as soon as I have some free time to go to Shanghai (some time this week) and find a bookstore, where I could purchase one. And for now, you can enjoy the photos 🙂

Oh, I know at least something about the next picture. The building is a Teahouse in the middle of a lake full of koi (common carps) and you have to pass a zigzagging bridge with nine turns to get to the other side of the lake near the entrance to the Yu Yuan garden. The reason why the bridge has nine turns is to protect it from evil spirits, which, apparently, can only go straight. 🙂


Koi (carps)

And of course, it wouldn’t be called Bazaar if there weren’t any real people who sell things. Almost all the streets are occupied with little shops where you can buy tea, herbal medicine, sweets, souvenirs, even clothes:

Local sweets

I was told that Shanghai is the most expensive city in China so I decided to reserve my money and bargaining skills for buying souvenirs in some other places that I’m planning to visit.

And finally, after wondering around a little bit we bought a ticket ( ¥30 or ~£3) to enter the Yu Yuan garden, which I’ll tell more about in my next post. 😉

Shanghai – the city “above sea”

Direct translation of Shanghai: "above" and "sea"

Shanghai: "above" and "sea"

The day after I arrived to China we headed out to do some real sightseeing. We visited quite a lot of different places but the main attraction points were: the Old Town with Yu Garden, the Bund, Nanjing rd and French Concession, which I will cover more deeply tomorrow. 🙂

And if I had to describe Shanghai in only three words, I think these are the ones that suit the city the best:




  • Westernised – Before even coming to China I was told that Shanghai is a modern city but I didn’t expect to find a city that looks so similar to any other Western city. Here, you can probably find any store you wanted (starting with Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabanna, Apple, and finishing with all the fast food restaurants) and the only thing that reminds you that your in China is the Chinese language. I am somehow even used to see so many Chinese people as well, probably because we have a lot of Chinese students at Nottingham University 🙂 Also, the western look makes more sense when you look at Shanghai’s history: for about a hundred of years different areas of the city (also called concessions) were occupied by British, American, French and even Russian people, which gives the city a specific/unique look.
  • Clean – I certainly didn’t expect to find the city so clean! The majority of streets are cleaned three times a day and in the main areas you can’t see almost any rubbish. And I’d say that it’s much cleaner than some of the famous cities in Western Europe that I’ve been to.
  • Huge – no other word than that! Population: ~23,000,000 (“Shanghai has an officially registered population of 14 million but, according to estimates, is also home to 9 million migrants”, compared to ~3,000,000 people living in the ENTIRE Lithuania), area: 7,000  km(which is more than 1/10 of Lithuania). It took us about an hour to reach the school where I work (driving by car on highways) but it’s still considered as Shanghai!
Then in the evening, after a very long walk we became hungry and started looking for a Chinese restaurant where we could eat. There were too many people at that time so we decided to go to a Japanese restaurant instead.
I will be honest, I’m not very fond of mussels or shrimps, but I decided to take risk so I order a “Spicy Japanese seafood hot-pot”…
And… it was absolutely amazing! I was surprised by myself but I finished as much as I could, including all the seafood that was in there (such as mussels, shrimps, some fish and some squid legs). The name of the restaurant is Ajisen Ramen and I highly recommend it to everyone!


And, sadly, I’m off to bed now but I’ll tell more about Shanghai tomorrow.. The worst thing is that Lithuania is playing against Serbian in the Finals of U19 World Basketball Championship and I won’t be able to see it.. But I hope to wake up and see some very good news!

Good luck to Lithuania!

And see you soon!

Nǐhǎo to Shanghai Specialties!

( Actually, it’s hard to believe that it’s already a week since I first arrived to China! )

And the journey didn’t start that well…

On the 29th of June, I stayed up all night to finish all the necessary packing. Still, I somehow managed to leave the house slightly too late in the morning, I accidentally broke a mirror while going through the doors and I arrived at the train station 2 minutes after the train had left…

And then, a train to Gatwick, a 6 hours-long flight to Dubai (5785 km) and another 8 hours-long flight to Shanghai Pudong, where there was already a person from the school waiting for me. 🙂 We had a nice chat, went to pick up Rosa, who is another trainee working with me, and headed to the hotel where we stayed for the next two nights.

As we were all very hungry, we decided not to waste any time and try some Chinese food straight away.

Menu Shanghai Specialties China Dumplings

An interesting thing about ordering food is that you have to write down the order by yourself. That is, they give you a special form where you have to mark the meals you want to have. And it’s all in Chinese (at least the one we got), which is definitely not a good thing if you’re a foreigner. 🙂

After going through the menu, I decided to try Fried noodles with beef slices and here’s what I got:



And finally, on our way back to the hotel, I took a few shots of Shanghai at night (although I still need to figure out how to use my Nikon D80 up to its full potential) :

Shanghai at night 2

Shanghai at night 1

Checked my e-mails, figured out how to connect to Facebook (The Great Firewall of China is doing an incredibly good job: no YouTube, no Twitter, no Facebook, no blogs, and even the doesn’t appear to be working well), took a shower and then….

the long awaited sweet sleep!

The Basics

Hello everyone! And yes… It’s me again ,)

you might remember me from the famous Adomas in Venezuela blog or for spamming you with all the information about AIESEC haha Again, I find myself far far away from my home country Lithuania but this time.. in China! In this particular blog I will be sharing some of my experiences and thoughts about one of the oldest civilisations in the world and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

I don’t want to bother you (again..) with all the propaganda about AIESEC (which is actually NOT a propaganda at all) and how it can help you achieve incredible things or have an amazing experience in any of 110 countries… but that’s how I ended up in China. 🙂 And that’s how AIESEC, which is, by the way, the largest students organisation in the entire world, can help you with as well.

So, if you want to find out more about AIESEC, feel free to visit or or take a look at the things that I wrote in my previous blog: AIESEC. 🙂

And now, what can I say…